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Influencers Wanted!

Are you the parent of a preschooler?
Do you want to share the love of snail mail with your children?
We might be the perfect fit!

Petit Mail Brand Reps:

  • are parents of preschoolers (ages 3-5)
  • are active on at least one social media platform (IG or Facebook preferred)
  • are living in Canada or the USA (if you are living internationally and interested in being a brand rep, please send Alison a message!)
  • ideally have a minimum of 500 followers
  • love photography
  • agree to share images of your Petit Mail experience 4-6 times per year with your followers

Brand Reps can take advantage of the FULL Petit Mail interactive experience for 75% off retail value. 

This is a true working partnership – I’m so excited to welcome you into the Petit Mail family.

Petit Mail Brand Reps receive: 

  • 12 months of Petit Mail story postcards, addressed to your child and mailed in a bright, fun, envelope. ($84 yearly value)

PLUS, let us support you as you build a strong connection with your child through activities and play.

  • monthly step by step instructions sent to your e-mail to guide you through Petit Mail themed activities with your child.
  • monthly step by step activity videos sent to your e-mail, perfect for watching with your child. ($96 value)
      (these both work perfectly with, or without, your existing Petit Mail story postcards). 
  • the opportunity to write a pen pal letter to Oliver, Audrey, Milo or Olivia and have them write back! ($8 value)
  • access to free printable “member-only” resources like Petit Mail stationery sets, reading charts, and more (minimum $15 value)

LIFETIME exclusive online access to the Petit Mail families community group where we share:

  • activity ideas and recommendations for our preschoolers based on Petit Mail themes (science, art, reading, imaginative play and more)
  • monthly preschool kids bookclub
  • monthly live calls with special guests related to childhood literacy, parenting, building creativity, imagination and more.
  • monthly live calls with me as I share even more activity ideas,
  • and more ($96/year value)

PLUS (yes, there’s more because I love my brand rep community)

Valued Petit Mail brand reps receive exclusive access the Petit Mail affiliate program, so you can earn money based on your successful Petit Mail referrals.

Are you ready to be a Petit Mail Brand Rep?

Brand Rep

Use code: BRANDREP at checkout. (don’t forget to use your child’s name in the shipping address so we can send their snail mail addressed to them!)

(please include your IG and Facebook at checkout so that Alison can follow you!)

**we reserve the right to remove brand reps from the program who do not represent Petit Mail values and do not meet the brand rep requirements.