Existing Subscriber Membership Community BONUS



Supporting you as you build a strong connection with your child through activities and play.

Your Interactive Subscription includes:

  • monthly step by step instructions sent to your e-mail to guide you through Petit Mail themed activities with your child.
  • monthly step by step activity videos sent to your e-mail, perfect for watching with your child.
  • the opportunity to write a pen pal letter to Oliver, Audrey, Milo or Olivia and have them write back!
  • access to printable resources like Petit Mail stationery sets, reading charts, and more.
  • LIFETIME exclusive online access to the Petit Mail families community group where we share:
    • activity ideas and recommendations for our preschoolers based on Petit Mail themes (science, art, reading, imaginative play and more)
    • monthly preschool kids bookclub
    • monthly live calls with special guests related to childhood literacy, parenting, building creativity, imagination and more.
    • and more


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