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Real Estate Gifts - Petit Mail

Petit Mail Creates Unique Real Estate Gifts

Have clients with young children purchasing new homes? Petit Mail makes a unique and thoughtful Real Estate gift for home buyers and helps you build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

What Is Petit Mail?

Petit Mail is a bright, fun, affordable snail mail “story postcard” designed for young children ages three – early reader.  It’s a fun way to introduce a new generation to the joy of snail mail.

Petit Mail story postcard themes include: art, writing, science, engineering, nature, reading, and creativity. Most of all postcards encourage imaginative play, all at an age-appropriate level.

Each is easy to read and printed in full color with beautiful illustrations. The story postcards are sized 5×7, double-sided and printed on thick, quality cardstock that is not easily ripped.

Families and children LOVE the surprise of finding real snail mail in their mailbox. Make their experience of working with you memorable.  

The Petit Mail Wholesale Program For Real Estate Agents

  • perfect for new home buyers with young children.
  • add a stamp and your business card to the envelope and mail your customers these pre-made story postcards for kids at their new home.
  • Choose the story postcards that best suit you, or your area.

Currently available to agents in Canada and the US. The Petit Mail gift program includes:

  • story postcards of your choice plus bright, colorful envelopes for mailing
  • wholesale pricing for real estate agents (minimum order 10)

Pricing and payment

  • Wholesale cost is $6 Canadian/ $4.60 US per unit (card + envelope)
  • Low minimums
  • Low shipping costs
  • Online payment and invoicing

Placing your order:

Contact Alison ( with your order request (number and theme of story postcards) along will full mailing address. She will prepare a shipping quote for you and will send an electronic invoice. Questions? Ask away! We’d love to hear from you.

Choose all the same theme, or mix and match. Story postcard themes are:

  • Oliver Explores Art
  • Olivia’s Pen Pal
  • Milo Loves Reading
  • Audrey The Superhero
  • Oliver Recycles
  • Audrey Plants A Garden
  • Oliver Goes Camping
  • Audrey Builds A Boat
  • Milo Learns About Fossils
  • Olivia’s Science Project
  • Milo’s Puppet Show
  • Olivia Plays Dress Up