5 Easy Ways To Make Learning FUN This Summer

Summer is almost here (or if you are lucky, it has already arrived!)

For me, Summer is a time to really slow things down and be more present.  I’ve been thinking about Summer and the ways we can all still enjoy the slower pace, with a little bit of learning thrown in for good measure!

It’s going to be FUN!

Kids Summer Postcard Exchange (1).png

1. Take part in the Kids Summer Postcard Exchange

Postcards are an easy and fun way for kids to exchange snail mail.  Come on over to the International Kids Pen Pal group and match up with another parent to exchange a postcard this Summer.  I’m super excited about this one – we can’t wait to match up with families around the world, and send and receive some postcards!

3 month summer

2. Try a 3 month Petit Mail Story Postcard Subscription

Keep learning exciting with a fun story postcard arriving in your mailbox for June, July and August.

3 month subscriptions for Canada and the US are $21 (approximately $16 US) including postage.  International 3 month subscriptions are $24.

write a letter.png

3. Write a Letter to a Grandparent or Friend

Find someone in your life who would love to receive snail mail from your child (and who is likely to write back). Work on writing a letter and sending a drawing, painting, photographs in the mail.

This site has a great resource for teaching children how to properly address an envelope.

If you are looking for fun stationery sets for kids, check out these sets and digital downloads


4. Make a Summer Bucket List

Every Summer, NJ and I write a list of fun things that she wants to do.  We get a very short Summer season here, so we have to make the most of it!

Her wish list is always so simple, beautiful and filled with childhood wonder.  Things like:

  • go to the playground
  • pick flowers
  • have a picnic
  • buy an ice cream from the ice cream truck
  • run through the sprinkler

I’ll be sharing things from our list on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow along.

My tip: Don’t forget to include some library outings on your Summer bucket list. Reading is such a great way to start or end Summer days, and great for a rainy day activity.

Petit Mail (1)

We are talking about book recommendations in the private group Pre-school Kids Reading Club (3-6) – join us over there for even more Summer Reading action.


5. Be Present For Your Kids

I’m making a pact with myself this Summer.  No screen time for me between the time I come home from work and the time the kids go to bed.  I’m going to have my kids help me stay accountable.

It’s Summer – we’ve got postcards and books and bucket lists to get to.

Here are some of my tips for successfully planning a screen-free weekend at home.

I’m planning some more Facebook live videos to talk about ways I’ve simplified, tried to cut down on the screen time, and more.  I’d love to have you with me.


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