DIY Liquid Watercolor Paint – Make Paint With Your Preschooler

We are discovering some really simple ways to PREP for art exploration – like making this really simple DIY liquid watercolor paint together.

I’ve been wanting to try liquid watercolor with my 3 year old and I found this simple + inexpensive idea via Katie at Preschool Inspirations (thank you so much!)

This project cost about $10 to make 6 different colours (pretty great, right!)

I purchased the glass jars from our local dollar store, but you could also use containers you have around the house. 

The BEST thing is that creating paint was an activity itself (perfect for a rainy day).

I’ll be sharing much more inspiration for subscribers as part of your story bonus material. We’ll do an art project together inspired by Oliver’s adventures this month. Can’t wait to get started!

DIY Liquid Watercolor
DIY Liquid Watercolor

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