Pen Pal School

Pen Pal School

Welcome to Pen Pal School! The space for creative kids to learn more about letter writing and discover the JOY of snail mail!

Pen Pal school has EVERYTHING you need to get started with letter writing, including a stationery set AND a pen pal to write to.

It can be challenging to find a reliable pen pal for your child, so we are making it easy!
No more giving your address out to strangers, long response times, or no response from pen pals.

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What’s Included With Pen Pal School?

As part of the this special membership club, your child will receive:

  • A children’s stationery set of your choice shipped for free to the address provided at checkout
    • stationery sets include:
      • 5 sheets of large lined, full color, illustrated writing paper (11 x 8.5 inch).
      • 3 bright coloured envelopes (size 10) perfectly sized for handwritten letters.
    • pen pal letter writing tips.
  • Lifetime access to the online pen pal school resource page with fun, age-appropriate letter writing instruction videos, including:
    • ideas for what to write in a pen pal letter.
    • how to write a letter.
    • how to address an envelope.
    • introduction to the Petit Mail characters you can write a letter to.
  • The opportunity to use your stationery set to write a letter to one of the Petit Mail characters (and have them write back!)
  • The chance to add-on more letters and responses from a Petit Mail character if your child is enjoying the experience.
Pen Pal School

Join the FUN!

There is so much JOY in sending and receiving snail mail.
Encourage your child to practice:

  • writing skills,
  • spelling,
  • sentence structure,
  • and so much more!

While writing their very own letter to send to one of the Petit Mail characters – Audrey, Milo, Olivia or Oliver.

Then, check the mail and wait for a return envelope from your pen pal! A great chance to practice reading skills in a fun and unique way.

What are you waiting for?

Learn About Newfoundland and Labrador – For Kids – Personalized Mail For Kids


Newfoundland and Labrador For Kids

Introducing a wonderful way to learn about Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s most Eastern Province.  Send happy snail mail to a special child in your life and join Oliver as he explores the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador in this special letter.

Made for kids ages 6 and up, Oliver teaches us more about the world, geography, culture, and also builds reading skills through his letter.

Petit Mail is created by Newfoundland and Labrador entrepreneur Alison Butler.  Alison was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland and is a mom of 2 young children, ages 3 and 7.

“Newfoundland and Labrador is such a fascinating and magical place.  I LOVE sharing stories and information about my home Province with others when I travel and feel so proud to call the island of Newfoundland my home”.

Learn About Newfoundland and Labrador

The original Petit Mail story postcard line (available as a subscription) is designed for preschoolers ages three – early reader but customers love the idea of snail mail for the children in their life and keep asking for something for older children.

“I saw this as the perfect opportunity to share more about my home Province with children around the world, and to encourage parents to dive in and explore new things with their children.  My daughter would love this, and I always use that as a starting point when I’m creating a product.

If we received this letter in the mail, we would look Newfoundland and Labrador up on a map and look for pictures and videos online.  We would ask questions like, what animals live there? what’s the music like?  I wonder why so many houses are painted in bright colours?
It’s amazing to be able to explore the world right from our home.

Learn About Newfoundland and Labrador For Kids

Letter From Newfoundland and Labrador Product Features:

  • This letter is ideal for ages 6 and up.
  • This letter is personalized “Dear [Your Child’s Name]”
  • Printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (standard letter)
  • Full colour, double sided letter from Petit Mail character Oliver
  • Mailing in a bright, coloured envelope addressed to your child
  • Sibling names are added to the letter and envelope at no additional charge, please include all names at checkout.

send a letter

Your Letter From Newfoundland and Labrador can be mailed anywhere in the world.  It’s a fun and affordable way to introduce a whole new generation to the JOY of snail mail.

With so much of our days filled with technology, it is a wonderful treat to receive real paper mail and connect with each other in a fun and easy way.

Younger siblings might also love a Petit Mail subscription.

Learn more about Alison and the story behind the Petit Mail brand here.

Free Sight Word Flashcards

Free Sight Word Flashcards

Do you have a child who is learning to read? Check out this printable set of Free Sight Word Flashcards….a gift from me to you!

Free Sight Word Flashcards


My daughter NJ is learning to read right now, and I have to be honest, sometimes it’s a challenge.  She LOVES being read to, we read together every night, but she is less motivated to read on her own. As a solution, I created this set of free sight word flashcards to help her make reading fun.

There are many ways to use your flashcards, here are just a few suggestions:

  • hole punch and put them on a ring for practice.
  • cut them out, lay them on the table or floor “memory game style” (face down) and say each word as you turn the card over.
  • lay out your flashcards (face up), find a flashlight and say each word as you shine the light on it.

Let’s create a whole new generation who LOVES READING!

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One of the reasons I created Petit Mail was to make reading fun and exciting.

When your story postcard arrives in the mailbox, you open up the bright envelope in excitement and read together.
To help with sight words and reading, key words are highlighted and the stories are written in simple sentences for early readers.

This set of free printable sight word flashcards can be used at any time.  The words are specifically designed to go along with the “Milo Loves Reading” Petit Mail story postcard.  This sight word flashcard set is perfect for reading practice at home with a bright background and featuring Petit Mail characters.


Petit Mail is a bright, fun snail mail story postcard subscription for kids ages three to early reader.

Petit Mail Story Postcard

Discover The JOY of Snail Mail

Petit Mail is the fun way to introduce a new generation to the joy of snail mail.  Created and written by mom and entrepreneur Alison Butler, each story postcard is packaged, stamped and addressed by hand.

Every month, your Petit Mail story postcard arrives in your mailbox in a bright, colourful envelope, addressed with your child’s first name.  There is always something new to discover

Learn More About Petit Mail Story Postcards Here