Send Happiness Project – Uganda

Children everywhere LOVE to receive mail – it brightens their day and brings a huge smile to their faces. Our goal is to create MORE smiles in 2019 with the Send Happiness Project.

Send Happiness Project

Here at Petit Mail, in addition to our story postcards, I want to GIVE BACK to my community in the best way I know how – by creating FUN snail mail experiences for children at no charge. In January 2019, I created a Newfoundland and Labrador – Uganda pen pal exchange as part of my #sendhappiness project.

About The Send Happiness Pen Pal Project

  1. I created special pen pal stationery for the Send Happiness Project featuring all four Petit Mail characters.
  2. We gave approximately 300 elementary students in Newfoundland and Labrador special stationery and envelopes to write a pen pal letter to a student in Uganda. The stationery printing was sponsored by local printer Cre8iv Design & Print (thank you!)
  3. We coordinated the delivery of the pen pal letters (in partnership with Jorja’s Journeys) to children in Uganda and provided the approximately 300 students at the Ssuubi School with special stationery to write a letter back to their pen pal.
  4. Jorja’s Journeys delivered the pen pal letters back to us and we brought them back to the original schools to complete the exchange!
  5. Students in both countries got to learn more about each other – a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Watch More Of The Send Happiness Project In Progress

Images From Our Send Happiness Pen Pal Exchange

Send Happiness Project

The Send Happiness Project has been an AMAZING experience for everyone involved, including me! It has been so rewarding to see the images shown above and to hear the stories from teachers here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Thanks to Jorja’s Journeys, local students got to see what school is like for children on the other side of the world – and communicate with them as well!

I delivered the letters in person back to our local schools, and I even got to spend some time with students in Ms. Pottle’s Grade 3 class at St. Theresa’s Elementary. We read our pen pal letters together, and looked at some of the amazing pictures of students in Uganda writing their pen pal letters. Thanks for a great visit Grade 3’s!

About Petit Mail

Petit Mail is an Atlantic Canada business owned and operated by mom and entrepreneur Alison Butler.  Our goal is to share the JOY of snail mail with children.

Story Postcards
Petit Mail story postcards are special stories delivered monthly by snail mail – designed for ages 3 to early reader. The double-sided, illustrated stories encourage reading skills, creativity, imagination, self esteem and more!

With so much of our days filled with technology, it is a wonderful treat to receive real paper mail.

Give your child the gift of a monthly snail mail surprise.

Petit Mail provides something to look forward to receiving together and encourages quality time together as a family. It’s fun, affordable, and gives you a unique way to spend quality time with your kids. Read together and let your story card inspire new ideas and new ways to play!

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