Send Happiness Project – Uganda

Children everywhere LOVE to receive mail – it brightens their day and brings a huge smile to their faces. Our goal is to create MORE smiles in 2019 with the Send Happiness Project.

Here at Petit Mail, we want to GIVE BACK in the best way we know how – by personally delivering mail to children who might need an extra smile in their day.

About The Project

  1. We are giving approximately 300 elementary students in Newfoundland and Labrador special stationery and envelopes to write a pen pal letter to a student in Uganda.
  2. We will coordinate the delivery of the letters (in partnership with Jorja’s Journey) to children in Uganda and provide the approximately 300 students at the Ssuubi Nursery and Primary School with special stationery and pencils to write a letter back to their pen pal.
  3. Petit Mail will donate story postcards to the children at Ssuubi Nursery and Primary school who are too young to write a letter of their own.

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Funds will be used to purchase the following supplies and materials:

– printing 600 colour sheets of special letter stationery for the pen pal exchange
– purchasing envelopes for the letter exchange
– purchasing pencils for approximately 300 children in Uganda
– coordinating delivery and pick up of stationery and completed pen pal letters from elementary schools to deliver to Uganda
– coordinating delivery of letters from students in Uganda back to elementary schools in Newfoundland and Labrador
– delivery to students in Uganda will be completed in partnership with Jorja’s Journey. 

Petit Mail’s chosen mail delivery location for the Send Happiness Project – Uganda 

is the Ssuubi Nursery and Primary School , Mbute Village, Mpigi, Uganda (delivery partnership with Jorja’s Journey) E

The send Happiness Project is not affiliated with any religious or charitable organization.  Petit Mail is an Atlantic Canada business owned and operated by mom and entrepreneur Alison Butler.  Our goal is to bring smiles to the faces of children. 

About Petit Mail

Story Postcards
Petit Mail story postcards are designed for ages 3 to early reader.
The double-sided, illustrated stories encourage reading skills, creativity, imagination, self esteem and more!